Products & Services


A unique feature of McLean Leerwerke is the use of special moulds each with a motive in order to make colourful imprints on leather for all types of products.


These motives are being designed by the owner / manager (Mr Haasbroek), after having improved his artistic skills by professionally qualifying himself.

The moulds, of which the company possesses about hundred and ten (110) at the moment (and  which are considered part of the equipment) are fairly expensive, but once made, can be used over and over again to produce thousands of prints.


Since two other makers of these moulds have been contracted by an USA company and emigrated in order to make similar products over there, McLean Leerwerke is currently the only company making leather products with these variety of prints.  This is a competitive advantage which is not likely to be surpassed.


Both owners have over 24 years of experience in making all kinds of leather products.  They employ one co-designer and one qualified leather craftsman.  All the other employees work under supervision of the owners.


We have a variety of products that are manufactured in our factory:

  • Handbags
  • Belts (Men / Woman)
  • Purses (Men / Woman)
  • School Bags
  • Laptop Bags
  • Pencil Bags
  • I-Pad / Tablet & Notebook Bags